‘Freeze the mind’ The hope of a new life

Alexei Vorunnikov froze and stored the brain of his mother, who died at the age of 70. She is now awaiting this scientific breakthrough, when science will be able to revive her mother.

It deposits the brain and human body in several nitrogen-filled minarets filled with liquid nitrogen, near the Russian company Kriv Russia.

The claim that the bodies and brains should be frozen and stored at negative 196 degrees Celsius or minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit is such that the bodies will be safe and resurrected one day, but currently, with science, There is no evidence that can substantiate these claims.

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Alexei Vorunnikov, however, is hopeful and wants to freeze his body and mind after he dies, “I did this because one of the installations was so close to us and I thought it was just a possibility. I will see my mother again in the future. ”

On the other hand, the head of Russia’s Academy of Sciences pseudo-science commission, Ogunyemi Alexandrov, says, “this is a gross commercial object with no scientific basis.”

He added, “There is a raw imagination that connects people to live after death and the hope of eternal life.”

Valeriya Vidalova, director of the Crew Russia Company, froze her dying dog in the same way in 2008. “One day, humans will develop a technology that can bring men to life,” says Vidlaova. Obviously such technology cannot be guaranteed. ”

According to the Crew Russia Company, hundreds of people from twenty countries have applied to freeze and store their organs after their death.

According to the Russian Institute of Statistics, the average monthly salary in Russia is equal to US $ 700. The company wants $ 5,000 for freezing and storing whole bodies from the Russians, and $ 15,000 for brain storage, even more for non-Russians.

The company was founded in 2005 and has only two companies, which are already doing so. However, Crew Russia is the only company in Russia and its affiliates.

One day science will develop a technology that will connect the brain to artificial organisms, and thus make their mothers alive again, Vorunnikov said.

Crew Russia director Idalova says giving so much money to her dying loved ones makes it clear how much one loves their loved ones.

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