France fines Google $167 million over unpredictable advertising rules

France has fined Google 150 million euros or $ 167 million after four years of investigation. The penalty was applied to Google for adopting unsolicited advertising principles. According to the writer’s report, French company Gabb Media requested to take advantage of a stable position in its market against Google. Was eliminated.After this company had to complain against Google. Google will appeal the decision.
 Gib Media looks at the management of all kinds of websites, while Google says the company is committing fraud by providing such ads.
Google has been fined for many years in France. In 2011 France fined Google 1 million euros. Google was fined 1.5 million for violating privacy in 2014. In 2015, France received a further fine of $ 1 million on Google. Recently France fined $ 57 million for failing to provide transparency to Google. France agreed to pay $ 1.1 billion in damages due to the non-disclosure of property and tax surrogates.

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