Five ‘heating atomic bombs’ are exploding every second in the oceans, experts say

BEIJING:  It seems as if by the end of this century, the world will become inhospitable to humanity, with problems such as climate change and global warming becoming increasingly out of our control.

Due to the rapidly warming environment, the weather is also increasing, especially in the summer. To find out how fast we are warming our Earth, experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences studied the rise in ground temperature from the 1950s to 2019 and estimated how much temperature we had throughout this period. Have added heat to the atmosphere of our planet.

This number is so large and extraordinary that it is also extremely difficult to understand; and it is “228 sectarian” joules, ie 2280 billion trillion joules! If you really want to know how big this number is, then add another 21 digits to zero in 080.

During the Second World War, the energy released by the American atomic bomb that destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima was 63,000,000,000,000 joules. If the energy emitted from this bomb is taken as a unit, then in the last 25 years, we have exploded 3 billion 60 million ‘thermal atom bombs’ on our oceans, which is increasing over time.

According to the Chinese experts, in view of the last 25-year average, the heat we were adding to the sphere each second was the same as the energy of the four atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima. However, in 2019, the average has risen dramatically, and we are now adding 5 atom bombs per second as energy into groundwater.

If the example of the atom bombs sounds strange, then suppose that every human in the world has 100 degrees of hair on it and they are oriented towards the oceans.

The report, published in the latest issue of the research journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, shows how fast humans are pushing Earth to a catastrophe. But the question is, are we still ready to handle it?

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