Finally Canceled the Fringe Screen, Suspected iPhone 12 Pro Real machine exposure!

Earlier, it was rumored that the iPhone will release the new iPhone 12 series in September this year, but will it be delayed due to the epidemic this year? No news at this time. 

However, a few days ago, foreign media exposed a real machine picture suspected of iPhone 12 Pro. From the appearance, it can be seen that the new iPhone 12 is thinner than the previous generation.

As can be seen from the flowing pictures, the iPhone 12 Pro switched to a full-screen design, which is slimmer than the previous generation. As no more fringe design is used, it is expected that the Face ID module will be shrunk and placed in the upper frame of the screen. 

As for the camera back, the iPhone 12 Pro will use the previous generation of square lens modules and a glass camera back. However, the current batch of photos has been deleted from the originally published website, so the authenticity has yet to be verified. Whether the iPhone 12 system will be released in September?

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