Federal Cabinet formally approves Cisco bonds and relief package of over Rs 1200 billion

Islamabad: Federal Cabinet formally approved a relief package of over Rs 1200 billion to the public due to the Cisco Bonds and Corona epidemic, while the meeting approved 15 international protocol conventions, the Cabinet said. Hua, the Prime Minister directed the Rangers to fix the railways, FBR and PIA, to solve the problems of Goods Transport in Sindh, to ensure the protection of the basic rights of Bhutanese workers.

According to private TV, a meeting of federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, which was considered on the six-point agenda, was briefed on the steps taken to tackle the Corona virus. During the meeting, Federal Minister for Finance Saeed said that the timely and precise steps of the Prime Minister were not properly presented, the Cabinet approved a relief package of Rs.

The issue of departure was also discussed, Federal Minister Faisal Woda said, despite the Prime Minister’s instructions not implemented, the Prime Minister took notice of the exporter’s notice of stop, and directed that the goods from Goods Transport not be stopped. Should be cabinet members during the meeting He said that the hotels of the transporters at the truck bases were closed so that the drivers could not eat anything.

Briefing the media after the meeting, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that a six-point agenda was discussed in the cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister took the cabinet in confidence to control the Corona outbreak, registered 1865 Corona outbreak cases in Pakistan.

As of Tuesday, 25 people have died from Corona, 58 have been recovered from Corona, the Prime Minister asked to adopt 2 prong strategy to overcome Corona outbreak. Goods Transport issues problems, PM tells Rangers Goods transport directed to solve problems, Coruña Provincial Health Department and with the people affected by the virus was directed behavior Hassan.

He said that the Cabinet has regularly approved Sukuk bonds. Sukuk bonds are very important for promoting Islamic banking. Sukuk bonds have been issued for a period of 3 years, improving the liquidity situation with the issuance of Sukk bonds. He said that under the ENVIRONMENT program, about 20 million people were briefed about cash transfer, Dr Sanya Nishtar Nashif briefed about Rs. 12,000 cash transfer.

Decisions are endorsed, 15 international protocol conventions approved, protection of basic rights of laborers Instructions for making Annie, PM directs reforms in Railway, FBR, PIA, PM directs promotion of e-governance in institutions, while meeting of National Coordination Committee for the delivery of flour and essential commodities. Called on Wednesday).

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