Family members infected with Coronavirus to take care of Facebook gave employees one month paid leave

Facebook has proposed a new policy to provide up to 30 working days of paid leave to employees who need to take care of families with new coronary pneumonia.

A spokesperson told CNBC on March 23: “Facebook understands that we are in an unknown area of ​​the new crown pneumonia pandemic, and we want to support our employees to discover their needs during this time, so we ask our employees and their families A series of benefits. “

One of these benefits is paid care leave, which provides 30 working days of paid leave to employees who need to take care of their sick family members or employees who need to travel to other countries to take care of their families.

Since the outbreak of the new crown virus, Facebook has been one of the most active companies providing support and benefits to employees.

Facebook has required the vast majority of its 45,000 employees to work from home and has given each employee a $ 1,000 bonus as a home office facility and childcare expense, as well as providing Portal smart video phone screens to employees in need. In addition, Facebook also said that it will give each employee a “beyond expectations” rating in the first half of 2020, which will allow each employee to earn a salary higher than their full bonus for six months.

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