Facilitate in-depth communication

Japanese matchmaking agencies introduced artificial intelligence equipment when organizing blind dates to help increase the success rate of blind dates for event participants.

Kyodo News reported that matchmaking agency Zwei wore artificial intelligence bracelets to participants during a blind date held in June this year. When both men and women shake hands, personal information about each other, including preferences, smoking, and marriage history, will appear on the tablet in front of them. Zwei hopes that with the help of artificial intelligence equipment, people participating in blind dates will have more in-depth communication.

A pair of blind date men and women asked each other based on the information provided by the tablet: “Oh, you are a movie fan”, “Are you drinking at home?”

A 47-year-old man from Kanagawa Prefecture said, “When you first met a woman, you would be hesitant to ask questions. But the good thing about this activity is that I can understand the values, professional ethics, etc. of potential partners. “

Zwei said that with the help of artificial intelligence equipment, the success rate of its dating events has increased from 10% to 20%.

The marriage rate in Akita Prefecture is at a relatively low level among Japan ’s 47 prefectures. The local government intends to introduce artificial intelligence systems at three official matchmaking centers in January next year to increase the marriage rate. Those who register as members need to answer more than 100 questions via computer or mobile phone first so that the artificial intelligence system can analyze the answers to provide them with more suitable candidates. These back-office tasks were previously done manually, and members have to wait a long time to meet the right people.

The Fukushima and Saitama governments have introduced similar systems to improve the success rate of matchmaking on the one hand and the efficiency of matchmaking on the other.

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