Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram account hacked

Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram account, the popular social media site, has been temporarily hacked.

Yesterday, after the hacking group and mine hacked Facebook’s Twitter account, sharing a post, told all users that. Facebook could also be hacked, but at least it has better security than Twitter.

And Maine Group gave its e-mail address and added that if you would like to improve account security, contact us.

On the other hand, the micro-blogging site Twitter about the Facebook Twitter account being hacked said in its statement that as soon as we found out. about this problem we closed the affected accounts and then worked with our Facebook partners.

In this regard, Facebook also informed Twitter after the Twitter account was restored that some of our accounts were hacked for a short period of time, but we successfully secured it and regained control.

And be aware that Maine is a Dubai-based hacking group company that has previously claimed to have hacked. high profile accounts, including Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai, Netflix and ESPN. ۔

According to the hacking group and mine, it conducts cyber-attacks to test how vulnerable the accounts security is, as well as instructs the affected users to use their service to improve accounts security.

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