Facebook’s Face Recognition Technology has been Resolved

Social networking site Facebook has solved a long-standing issue of face recognition technology.

The lawsuit was filed in 2015 by users in the United States of Illinois who said Facebook was violating the state’s Bio-metric Privacy Policy Act by collecting bio-metric data from consumers.

Facebook will now pay $ 550 million to a group affiliated with the US state of Illinois.

Christopher Rasbach, of Investment Bank J Stern & Company, said this settlement is Facebook’s second largest settlement in 6 months, protecting people’s information and privacy has become a top priority and more than a thousand engineers work on these privacy projects. Are doing

Sue for Face Recognition Technology

It should be noted that an A class action lawsuit was filed against Facebook’s face recognition technology, stating that Facebook illegally collected and protected users’ bio-metric data.

The fee was filed in the United States Federal Appeal Court against the said case, which was unanimously rejected by a three-member bench.

The media report states that the decision on a face-to-face face-to-face technology decision shows that people who have sued Facebook could potentially lose billions of dollars.

The decision against Facebook comes at a time when the company is facing severe criticism of its privacy rules, while Facebook has received $ 5 billion from the Federal Trade Commission after investigating data privacy. Historical fines had to be paid.

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