Facebook stopped its controversial plan on the WhatsApp

Facebook, the leading American social media company, has recently stopped a controversial plan to show ads to consumers on its message service WhatsApp.

Facebook bought the WhatsApp in February 2014 for a staggering $ 20 million and has since announced plans to show ads on it.

WhatsApp co-founders Jane Comey and Brian Eckton continued to oppose the advertising plan, and this led to their resignation.

The Wall Street General quoted sources as saying in its report that Jane Comey and Brian Axton explicitly changed WhatsApp’s “terms of service” before leaving the company, adding ads to the app. Banned, causing problems for Facebook in this regard.

Facebook has also changed its terms of service in the past but in order to run ads on WhatsApp, it needs regular notification from users which will cause public relations problems for them.

Facebook has not yet abandoned its plans to remove ads from WhatsApp but is now planning to run ads on WhatsApp status.

But, all of Facebook’s focus right now is on making money that facilitates businesses to connect with consumers.

Remember that the WhatsApp was free for a year at the time of its launch, after which users were charged approximately $ 0.99 per year, but Facebook had made the WhatsApp free after purchasing and the app. I came up with a different plan on how to make money.

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