Facebook defends WhatsApp, dumps phone hacked on Apple

The latest news: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ iPhone was invaded by the Saudi Crown Prince Video file. Because of this incident, WhatsApp was considered insecure by many people.

Today, Facebook defended its own social platform WhatsApp and pushed Apple’s responsibility for hacking the iPhone.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs and communications, explained that WhatsApp was not the cause of the iPhone’s invasion, and the problem was with Apple. Reports of the attack showed that Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X received a 4.4MB video containing malware. This resulted in the theft of several gigabytes of data and personal information from Bezos’s iPhone from a hacker. Facebook, which owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, said that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption and cannot be hacked. Clegg said the encryption technology had not been hacked and was “very, very confident” in its security.

Nick Clegg further pointed out that the malware that invaded Bezos’ iPhone was designed to affect the iOS system on the phone, which directly affected the iPhone and further accessed private data stored in the phone.

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