Facebook company hard drive theft of tens of thousands of employees in the United States personal information leaked

Social media platform Facebook revealed that a thief stole several company hard drives from employee cars, and personal information of tens of thousands of Facebook employees working in the United States leakage.

It is reported that an email sent to employees by Facebook on Friday morning showed that the information stored on the encrypted hard disk includes personal information such as employee name, bank account number and the last four digits of the US Social Security Number. The hard disk also stores employee’s personal salary information, including salary, bonus amount and some equity details.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the hard drives stored personal data of about 29,000 U.S. employees who worked at Facebook in 2018. In recent years, Facebook has faced several incidents of leaking users’ personal data. However, the spokesman said the stolen hard drive did not include Facebook user data.

The spokeswoman said in a statement: “We are working with law enforcement to investigate a recent car theft. The stolen employee’s bag was loaded with company equipment and stored employee salary information. “” We found no evidence of data misuse, and we believe it was a car smashing and theft crime, not an attempt to steal employee information. “

According to internal emails, the incident occurred on November 17, local time, and Facebook discovered that the hard drive was missing on November 20. On November 29, a “judicial investigation” confirmed that these hard disks contained employee salary information. Facebook started alerting affected employees on December 13.

The stolen employee is part of Facebook’s compensation department and should not have taken the hard drive out of the office. “We have taken appropriate disciplinary measures,” the spokeswoman said. “We will not discuss specific personal details.”

Although no hard drive has been found, Facebook is still working with law enforcement. Facebook encourages employees in emails to notify banks and provide them with a two-year identity theft monitoring service.

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