Experts: New crown virus is susceptible to all age groups, doubling time shorter than SARS

IT House January 28 news At present, the new type of coronavirus that affects the whole country is still developing. In yesterday’s CCTV program, Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also made an analysis of the development of the epidemic.

At present, young children are infected with the new coronavirus. In this regard, Feng Zijian said that each person’s age may lead to different opportunities for his exposure, the number of infections will be different, and the incidence will be different. It occurs throughout different age groups, proving that the new coronavirus is susceptible to all age groups. However, the child’s symptoms appear to be lighter than those of an adult, and no serious disease has yet developed in the child’s case.

In addition to being susceptible to all age groups, the new virus also has a doubling time shorter than SARS. Feng Zijian cited a research report saying that the interpersonal transmission capacity of the new coronavirus can infect two to three people on average. The doubling time of new coronavirus is shorter than SARS. SARS doubles in about 9 days. The case of new coronavirus doubles in about 6 or 7 days, and the passage interval of new coronavirus is relatively short.

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