Experts explain “contact transmission”: virus contaminated hands may rub infected eyes

The National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced the “Pneumonitis Diagnosis and Treatment Program for New Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 4).” One of the messages aroused widespread concern.

In the description of the epidemiological characteristics, the description of the transmission route is: “Transmissive droplet transmission is the main transmission route, and it can also be transmitted through contact.”

The new channel of communication has become the focus of everyone’s hot discussions, and the news has quickly appeared on Weibo Hot Search. However, since the description in the above scheme is very general, how to understand “contact” has become a topic of debate.

At a press conference held by the National Health and Medical Commission, Li Xingwang, a member of the National Medical Expert Group and the chief expert of the Infectious Diseases Diagnosis and Research Center of Beijing Ditan Hospital, took the initiative to explain in detail when answering questions from reporters.

For example, Li Xingwang said that the so-called contact transmission means that the hands have not noticed and the virus has been contaminated, and then rubbing the eyes with the hands or touching other parts of the body may cause virus infection.

Li Xingwang advises everyone to wear a mask, wash their hands frequently, and take good protection to reduce the close contact between people. The so-called close distance is between 1-2 meters.

In response to questions, Li Xingwang said that some asymptomatic cases have also been observed. These patients also have a certain transmission power. However, since the main route of transmission of the new coronavirus is close-up droplet transmission, patients with mild symptoms will not have a severe cough, so the virus transmission of such patients may not be so strong.

In addition, known asymptomatic patients are under close observation and will not move to public places. This also guarantees control of the source of infection.

According to the information released by the National Health and Medical Commission, 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) reported 1771 newly confirmed cases, 515 severe cases, and 26 death cases (Hubei Province) from 04:00 to 27 January. 24 cases, 1 case in Beijing, 1 case in Hainan Province), 9 new cases were cured and discharged, and 2077 new cases were suspected.

As of 24:00 on January 27, the National Health and Health Commission had received a total of 4,515 confirmed cases, 30 of which were 976 cases of severe cases, 106 cases of deaths, and 60 cases of discharged patients. There are 6973 suspected cases.

At present, 47,833 close contacts have been tracked. Of the 914 people who were released from medical observation on the same day, 44,132 people are currently receiving medical observation. Accumulated notifications were received from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 8 cases from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 7 cases from Macao Special Administrative Region, and 5 cases from Taiwan.

Overview of the “Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia of New Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 4)”:

1. The incubation period is generally 3-7 days, the longest is no more than 14 days; 2. The prognosis of most patients is good, and the symptoms of children are relatively mild; 3. Children and infants are also affected; 85%.

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