Every Year, The Sea Swallows 50,000 Acres of Land in Pakistan

KARACHI:  Experts on Wednesday said that the sea is swallowing up to 50,000 acres of land every year in Pakistan, while sea level is increasing by one millimeter annually due to rising temperatures due to climate change in the region.

Speaking to participants after the launch of a farming campaign on the WWF Oblast (Wetland) near Turtle Beach in the suburbs of Karachi, experts said that Pakistan is on the list of the 10 countries in the world that are subjected to climate change. More than ever, marine forests have a positive impact on climate change.

Dr. Nisar Ahmad Rao, President of Pakistan Chest Society (PCS) and Head of Ojha Institute of Chest Dies Dr. Noushin Safe General Secretary (PCS) Dr. Mirza Saifullah Beg, Dr. Nghman Bashir, Brigadiermal Ahmad, Dr. Abdul Jabbar Achakzai Dr. Maqbool Addressing Dr. Malik Hafiz-ur-Rehman, Prof. Khalid Waheed, Prof. Saadia Ashraf, Prof. Ali Zubairi, Dr. Nadeem Ahmed, Dr. Shaheena Qayyum, Dr. Syed Zafarib Hussain, Dr. Shakeel Siddiqui, and others said that global warming was reduced by planting. Is.

Even in Pakistan, the campaign is being run by the name of Clean and Green Pakistan. Of course, the improvement of the environment is not possible by planting a few trees, but such initiatives create awareness among the people about farming and improving the environment.

Experts say that more than 70 million people die prematurely due to air pollution, so we can save many victims of such death by making the environment clean, which is why Chest Con 2020 is being launched with farming. In order to meet the moral and social responsibility of improving the environment, urban industrial, maritime and gross air pollution needs to be overcome to reduce the underlying cause of chest diseases. In Pakistan, due to lack of awareness along with the contamination of industrial atrophic pollution, every year, as a result of rising smog, it is dangerous to know.

Prof. Nisar Ahmad Rao said that there is an international conference every year of Pakistan Chest Society which is being held in the last week of March this year, named Chest Con 2020. We started the conference on healthy lung health. With a slogan of a life-sized campaign, the gynecologist and surgeon will attend the conference, with fourteen workshops and 15 foreign experts addressing the conference’s scientific sessions

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