Ensure Continuity of supply of medical Equipment to Cope with Corona virus: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization has called for a permanent plan for the continuous delivery of medical supplies to deal with the Corona virus. 

About 70 countries have received medical equipment from 120 countries while 120 countries have received more than 1.5 million diagnostic kits, WHO Director General Tedderus Adhanom Gabrielis said in a briefing in Geneva. 

He said more countries are receiving applications in this regard and it can be said that the lack of medical equipment will prove to be a challenge. 

The WHO chief said all countries should be vigilant in controlling Corona as half of the affected countries have a medical treatment system, but they also expressed concern that the lack of access to health care would be a major problem for potential healthcare facilities.

He said that more than 70% of the countries have national plans in this regard, while 90% have laboratory facilities, but it has He could not be declared enough.

He expressed surprise that no new case of Corona infection has been reported in China at the moment. 

WHO has begun work with other partners, including the World Bank, the IMF, in the next phase of the Strategic Preparation and Response Plan from last month, while over 100,000 people and organizations joined the Solidarity Response Fund on Friday.

Received US $ 45 million from Thanks to the fund, Tedris Adhanom added, “The Corona virus is a seemingly common enemy, we have to continue our solidarity against it, because we all belong to the same race and this is enough for us.” Is. It should be noted that there were 8000 deaths globally while the total number of infections exceeds 2 million. US $ 675 million was financed for the first three months which has been spent till now,

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