Employees protest Amazon climate change PR policy: despite possible loss

IT House January 27 News January 26 local time, more than 300 employees of online retail giant Amazon signed an online protest plan on the Medium blog. This online protest was conducted by a company called “Amazon The Climate Justice Employee Program is organized by a group of Amazon employees. It was reported earlier this month that Amazon had sent letters to members of the group saying they would be fired if they continued to speak to the outside world in protest.

“It is our moral responsibility to speak, and changes in Amazon’s policies are depriving us of this responsibility,” said Sarah Tracy, an Amazon software development engineer, in a statement.

Amazon said its foreign exchange policy is not new and is consistent with other large companies. This policy applies to all Amazon employees and is not targeted at any particular group.

“Although we welcome all employees to communicate and interact with internal sustainability and other themed work teams at Amazon, we also have external communication policies that we will not allow employees to publicly degrade or distort the company or slander those who are working hard to solve problems Colleagues. “An Amazon spokesman said.

Employees protesting Amazon’s climate protection policies say that Amazon relies on fossil fuels to deliver parcels to planes, trucks, and trucks, which have huge carbon emissions. Last year, more than 8,000 employees signed an open letter to CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, asking Amazon to reduce carbon emissions, stop using fossil fuels, and stop working with oil companies that use Amazon technology to locate fossil fuel resources.

Amazon has stated in a statement that they are very concerned about climate change and have promised to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040 and use 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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