Emoji Jacket for Car Drivers to Contact and Alert cyclists

WASHINGTON:  Cycling is a difficult thing in the city’s traffic congestion. In Europe alone, in the year 2000 and in the US in 2018, 820 people become victims of accidents. To remedy this, emoji jackets are now made which tell the condition of the bicyclist on one side and contact the drivers on the other.

This jacket was made by a Ford company named Emoji Jacket. Under the ‘Road to Road’ campaign in Europe, European cargo companies have emphasized the approval and need for this jacket. The LEDs illuminate on it, creating an impression or emoji and alerts the rear driver of the bicycling mode.


Emoji expresses its wearer’s affection in many ways, such as a smiley face showing off a rider, while a sad face suggests that the cyclist is currently irritated. In addition, LEDs provide a variety of directional indicators that may indicate where he or she wants to turn. Similarly, in case of a tire puncture, the danger signal is illuminated on the jacket.

According to linguistics expert Neil Cohen, emoji prove our language and expression. We express facial expressions, happiness, sorrow or anger through emoji. Through this invention of the Ford Company, cyclists can inform others of their mood or status.

However, this LED emoji jacket is currently in the testing phase and Ford has not announced a date to bring it to market.

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