Emergency with Corona virus in America, Donald Trump will also conduct his test

Trump met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his communications chief Fabio Wagengarten at his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago. Weingarten was found to test positive, while Bolsonaro was tested negative.

  • Donald Trump met Brazilian President
  • Trump will conduct the test but the date is not fixed

US President Donald Trump has said that he can get the Novel Corona virus tested. However, he insisted that no symptoms of Kovid-19 were found in him. Trump said on Friday, I am not saying that I will not do the test, but more likely to do it.

Let me tell you, a Brazilian official who met US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence a few days ago has been confirmed to be infected with Corona virus (Covid-19). The news agency Xinhua said in its report that the Brazilian government confirmed that Fabio Vazengarten, president of Brazil ‘s president Jair Bolsonaro, is infected with the coronavirus. Vajegarten was also present with US President Zaire Bolsonaro during his weekend visit to the US, where he met Trump, Pence, and other White House officials.

Donald Trump’s remarks came after he was repeatedly asked at a press conference at the White House Rose Garden that he did not test the Covid-19 because he had met a Brazilian official last weekend who later found positive in the Test Had gone. Trump met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his communications chief Fabio Wagengarten at his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago. Wagengarten’s tests were found positive, while Bolsonaro was tested negative.

On the question raised in the press conference, Trump said, there is no reason (not to take the test) but I will do the test. However, it was said from the White House that there is currently no need for the President to conduct a test of Kovid-19. Trump said that the idea of ​​conducting the test is going on and its schedule will be released soon. Trump also said that no symptoms of corona virus have been found in them. A few days ago Trump said that he has not touched his face as a precaution against the Coronavirus epidemic for weeks and he is missing out on doing so. “I haven’t touched my face for weeks, weeks! I’m missing it,” news agency Eff News quoted Trump as saying during a meeting at the White House.

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