Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

Before sitting in an auto rickshaw it is not uncommon to have a discussion with the rickshaw driver on hire. The answer to ‘Hey brother here is to go there’ is often the answer to ‘Mr. Petrol and gas rates have gone up’ and after a few discussions and hugs, it is generally agreed to rent.

In most of Pakistan’s small cities, people use a three-wheeler for transport, called an auto-rickshaw. With the help of rickshaws in public transport, many reach their destination.

Favorable Engineering Works, a Pakistani auto company, recently launched an ‘eco-friendly’ electric rickshaw. 

This electric-powered rickshaw has not been introduced in the market yet, but it is thought that it will cost more than a normal rickshaw. However, according to the company, its ride will be cheaper.

According to people affiliated with the industry, the government is trying to introduce electric vehicles and motorcycles in the country.

But implementation of the announced electric vehicle policy is delayed.Adaptive Engineering Works Launches an ‘Eco-Friendly’ Electric Rickshaw

What’s in an Electric Rickshaw?

About the manufacturer’s electric rickshaw, the company says it is manufactured in Pakistan but parts of it are imported.

“The entire rickshaw is made in Pakistan and designed in Pakistan,” said Mian Ali, a company affiliate.

Except for battery, motor and controller (which are imported). They too can be made in Pakistan. As soon as the electric vehicle policy comes into Pakistan, its rickshaw will become 100% Pakistani, if its industry is invested in Pakistan. ‘

Ali points out that in this electric rickshaw, which is currently designed as a model, the battery is installed in place of the engine. ‘Its motor is powered by battery and controls the engine performance.’

How will it be charged?

Electric rickshaw can be charged up to 170km in five hours

The electric rickshaw has a 48-volt battery, three kW motor and controller. They are located under the engine seat, the rickshaw driver’s seat.

It can be charged with a wire underneath its rear seat. According to the company, it can be charged at any home, office or special charging point.

They claim that this electric rickshaw can be charged up to 170km in five hours.

However, with riders it has a maximum speed of 80km / h.

Will Electric Rickshaw Rides Be Cheap?

The electric rickshaw will cost more than the conventional rickshaw, but the company claims its ride will be cheaper.

At present, most rickshaws in Pakistan operate on petrol, LPG or CNG.

Due to the gradual rise in gasoline and gas prices, their rents have also increased, which is why people are often worried.

Ali says that those sitting in electric rickshaws will be saved because ‘when the rickshaw driver costs less, the rickshaw ride itself will be reduced.’

‘As much as a rickshaw runs in a liter of gasoline, a unit can run in electricity. One unit of electricity is Rs. One liter of petrol is worth Rs 117. So this is your direct savings. ‘

The company claims that electric rickshaws will save drivers two and a half million rupees a year in petrol and gas – fuel, saving them up to Rs 30,000 a year on maintenance (ie, tuning and moble oil).

Ali says it has ‘less moving parts’ so it will cost less … The oil doesn’t have to be changed, the colors, the pistons don’t have to be cluttered with clutch plates that go into the engine. ‘

Electric rickshaw batteries, motors and controllers are imported but all other parts are manufactured in Pakistan.

Electric rickshaw will be ‘expensive’

This electric rickshaw is not yet available for purchase in the market. This is the reason why its price could not be determined but it is thought that it will be much higher than the normal auto rickshaw.

The manufacturer has not given a clear history as to when this rickshaw will be introduced in the market. And is looking forward to the government electric vehicle policy implementation and duty-exemption, after which it is widely known at the local level assembly of electric rickshaws. We will be able to start

Ali has admitted that it will be a bit expensive at first.

Air pollution caused by transit

Electric rickshaw allows drivers to save Rs 2.5 lakh a year on petrol and gas.

Supporters of electric vehicles, on the other hand, argue that the burning of petrol, diesel and other biological fuels creates environmental pollution.

According to a UN report on air pollution and smog in Punjab province, about 43% of pollution is emitted from the transport sector.

Referring to the same report, Rafi Alam, a lawyer and activist working on environmental issues, says that the quality of gasoline. and other available fuel in Pakistan is not good, so pollution from electric vehicles and transit is somewhat reduced. Can be expected to happen.

He says cities should ban old vehicles and rickshaws that cause air pollution and help drivers buy new technology so that our future can be safe.

Ali says, ‘As was the first two-stroke rickshaw, what was the need for a four-stroke? It was environmentally friendly, noise was low. People were more comfortable with it. ‘

‘Likewise, it will be environmentally friendly. The smog is going to end all the time happening in Pakistan. Smoke rises from the smoke of the car. ‘

They say it can be purchased only after the government’s electric vehicle policy is finalized.

In addition, the company says that an ordinary rickshaw can also become an electric rickshaw.

‘The rickshaw engine can go down, it may require a battery. Motor, controller can seem. The ordinary rickshaw can also be converted to electric. ‘

Pakistan’s announced electric vehicle policy calls for the promotion of electric-powered motorcycles, rickshaws and buses to eliminate pollution caused by transit.

However, no action has been taken so far in this regard.

It should be remembered that according to Pakistan’s announced electric vehicle policy, the government will buy 1,000 electric buses in the next five years and run them on the roads with the help of private companies.

It also said that by 2030, 30% of the country’s vehicles will be electric, while some local CNG stations will be made electric charging units.

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