Earn Dollar from Facebook at Home

Earn Dollar from Facebook at Home

Just now you can easily make money from Facebook  yes Facebook has also made it easy for users to earn money.

According to details, Facebook will now ask its users for voice recordings and will be paid in return. Facebook said last year that it will no longer listen to people’s voice or voice notes through the Messenger app.

The aim was to improve the technology of ‘own whites recognition.

According to a report by technology website The Verge, Facebook is launching a project called “Provenance” with its View Point research app, noting that View Points is the same app that Facebook shared in social media surveys. Was launched to give people ‘rewards’ on pick-up.

According to the report, Facebook will give the user 200 points for each voice record and will receive $ 5 for 1000 points, the project is currently just launched in the US and is over 18 years old. People with 75 or more friends can attend.

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