Download Facebook Videos, Use these Methods

There are many ways to download public videos put on Facebook. But if you want to download a private video, then there is some problem. So in this post we will tell you about some such web applications.

With the help of which you will be able to download all types of videos from Facebook. Let’s know about them.

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FB Down

This is a web tool with the help of which you can download all types of Facebook videos for offline use. To download the video, you have to copy the URL in this app and press inter.

After this the video which is available on FB will be downloaded to the computer in your phone.

Fb downloader

It is also a great web tool for downloading all types of videos from Facebook. In which the page source of the video has to be copied and pasted. You can use the control plus u command to open the page source.

If you are using a Mac system, then you can use the command plus option plus you short trick. From where that link can be copied and easily downloaded.

Video Downloader Plus

is an application of Google Chrome, you can install it as an extension. And after that you can download all Facebook videos. This tool supports video download from many sites other than Facebook.

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