DJI Mavic Mini firmware update

The latest news At the end of October last year, DJI officially released the Yu Mavic Mini aerial photography aircraft, weighing only 249g, capable of flying for up to 30 minutes, supporting 4 kilometers of high-definition image transmission, and priced at 2699 yuan. Now, Royal Mavic Mini has released a firmware update of 01.00.0400, adding functions such as lifting the ban in restricted flight zones.

Update log:

  • Added the function of lifting the restricted area (requires use with DJI Fly V1.0.4 and above).
  • When the ambient light is insufficient and the GPS signal is weak (GPS stars <8), takeoff protection is added (requires use with DJI Fly V1.0.4 and above. This function can be manually turned off).
  • When the ambient light is insufficient and the compass is disturbed, you need to calibrate the compass before taking off.
  • Adjust the height limit and long-distance in extra load mode (such as flying with blade protection cover).
  • Added battery cycle warning function.
  • Reduce the abnormal noise during the PTZ power-on self-test.
  • Fix the problem of abnormal frequency in some countries and regions.

In terms of parameters, the DJI Mavic Mini is equipped with a 12-megapixel aerial camera, which can shoot 2.7K four-times high-definition video. With a three-axis mechanical head, it can greatly improve stability. In terms of security, DJI Mavic Mini is equipped with an omnidirectional protective cover, which can fully wrap the Mavic Mini’s blades. In addition, the GPS positioning system and the downward-looking sensor can make the aircraft hover stably. The official also launched accessories such as a two-way charging housekeeper, a fuselage creation set, and a charging base.

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