Discovery of more ancient matter than the sun on Earth

Chicago:  American scientists claim that they have discovered the oldest material on Earth, which is 5 billion years old to 7 billion years old, while our entire solar system, including the sun, is 4 billion 60 million years old.

This material has been locked in a space rock for the last several billion years, which may have existed from another distant star and somehow escaped.

Perhaps after wandering the space for a few billion years, it finally came to grips with the gravity of the earth, and in 1969 fell into a swampy settlement in an uninhabited area of ​​Australia.

By the way, it weighed several tons, but due to the strong friction with the groundwater and its extremely high speed, it shook the surface like a coral to the ground. In the journey from air to land, most of this martyr’s flight became hot ash, but still 100 kilograms of it, in the form of a large rock, was able to hit the ground; Taken into custody

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago donated 52 kilograms of this honeycomb to the United States for research. They wanted to know how old the hidden matter was.

The astronomers have discovered many ancient objects hidden inside the martyr, some of which are even more ancient than our sun. These substances are in very small quantities, in the form of microscopic particles, known as “pre-solids” greens.

However, the substance found in the above-mentioned Shahab is not only from our own solar system but also more ancient than any other Shahab Saqib. Using the most sophisticated dating methods, experts have found that the material is at least 5 billion years old and up to 7 billion years old.

Such discoveries are also important because they help us to better understand not only the stars and the solar system but also the universe as a whole.

Details of this research and discovery have been published online in the latest issue of “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS).

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