Discovery of ancient life: the Mars Rover 2020 will depart this year

These details were revealed by NASA last month at the unveiling of the Mars Rover 2020 last month. Designed to ship to Mars, the vehicle is housed in a very clean room based on the scientific foundations of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles. This is where successful car tests were conducted. NASA invited journalists at an event and presented the vehicle. Mars Rover will depart Mars in July 2020. The car will complete its journey in February next year and land on Mars. It will be the fifth US rover to reach Mars.

The Vice President of the Mission, Matt Wells, said that the most sophisticated equipment installed on this vehicle will not only help in the search for life on Mars but also help to understand the geological and chemical components at the surface of Mars. Instruments mounted on this vehicle also include three cameras and two mics to record sounds. They will be able to hear Mars-driven winds and there are lasers for chemical analysis.

The Mars Rover 2020 is like a small car. The Rover is equipped with six wheels similar to its predecessor Mission Kerosti, which will help it to climb rocky levels. Speed ​​is not a problem for this car, as it will have to travel about 200 yards a day on Mars.

“What we are looking for on Mars is ancient microbial life,” said Wells, vice president of the mission. We are talking about Mars billions of years ago when this red planet was like Earth. At that time there was hot water on the surface of the planet and there was a magnetic force around it. “

The vehicle will land on a long dry delta island in Mars to maximize the chances of detecting traces of ancient life on Mars. After years of scientific debate, the place was chosen because the site is a pit, which was once a deep lake five hundred yards.

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