Did the Corona Virus Come From Space? How much Reality is so Seductive?

KARACHI:  a few days ago, Sri Lankan-born British mathematician and Buckingham Center for Astrology professor Dr. Chandra Vikrama Singh had claimed that the novel Corona virus came to earth from a Shahab-Saqib fire in northern China last October. Looks like a shell and exploded.

Dr. Wakirma Singh said that the corona virus was also present in the ash and the ash of Sahaba Sahab, which eventually reached the earth and resulted in the outbreak of the novel corona virus outbreak in China from November 2019, which has spread all over the world today. Is.

In his “Proof of Claim,” he resorted to the idea of ” panspermia “, which says that life is spread all over the universe in space, inhabited by rocks, large rocks. (Asteroids), planetoids and comets. Under the same assumption, it is said that life on earth originated with the same “living material” that was billowing on our young Earth billions of years ago.

It will be interesting to read that “Pan Spermia” was proposed by Chandra Vikrama Singh in 1974 with his teacher and renowned British astronomer, Sir Fred Howell. To support this notion, the two teachers and students also published a book in 1986 entitled ” Viruses from space and related meters” ( viruses from space and other related material).

Going beyond their original assumptions in this book, the two experts also claim that the “space of life forms” through space is continuing to reach the earth, leading to new outbreaks and diseases. Come into being; and that the new genetic material needed for microscopic evolution on Earth is also falling from space to earth.

The book and its contents have been largely forgotten in the last three decades, but Vikrama Singh’s claim over the recent outbreak of the novel Corona virus has heated up the debate once again and has spiky, spicy but spooky news publishers. ” The tabloid “Newspapers and Journals” and websites like this one upheld the claim that the fraud was taking place.

Talking to Vikrama Singh’s claim to “Express-News”, Dr. Sohail Zaki Farooqi, Professor of Astrophysicists, Pakistan’s Astrophysicist, said, “On behalf of a trusted scientist, Fred Hoyle. Is such a baseless claim to me that it is strange and incomprehensible. ”

He explained that the atmosphere’s atmosphere is about 200 km thick; and when one enters the Earth’s atmosphere, its velocity is about 70 km per second. ۔ After only 30 kilometers in the ground at such a great speed, it becomes so hot that its temperature rises above 1000 degrees Celsius.

The temperature is high enough that no organism can survive on it, and no organic molecule or virus can maintain its shape.

“If this martyr was so large that some part of it would reach the surface in a state of preservation, it would still be thought that there might have been some intrusion hidden within it. But it burned in the atmosphere and its ashes were scattered in the air. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, this claim of Vikrama Singh is totally baseless, ”said Dr. Sohail Zaki Farooqi.

On the other hand, the website ” IFL Science” also received a response from Dr. Dominic Sparks, an infectious disease specialist, affiliated with the University College London Hospital, on the claim: “Novel coronavirus. One of the most important evidence that SARS-CoV-2 does not come to earth (on earth) is that it is very similar to other known types of corona virus … it is very similar to SARS virus. Had developed a pandemic in the early years of the 21st century; and it is similar to the MERS (MERS: Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) virus, which is still causing the disease today. ”

He explained that the “SARS” virus caused the outbreak by first transmitting bats to cats, and then from cats to humans. Shaped. The same is true of the Corona virus whose outbreak began in China (Wuhan), a market for wild animal meat.

Even in the light of all scientific and rational analysis, Vikrama Singh’s claim proves to be baseless that the novel corona virus has reached Earth through space, through the honeymoon.

In the end, all we need to say is that we need to focus on being afraid of the Corona virus and trying to cope with it instead of blindly believing the false news.

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