Deputy Prime Minister of Spain is Hunt of Coronavirus

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calaboom confirmed the coronavirus.The Spanish media’s staff were taken by Corboot twice to find out who was behind the quarantine.  

In Spain, 20 Pakistanis have also been diagnosed with the Corona virus, three of whom are undergoing treatment, one is a Pakistani, who has been transferred to the ICU.

Spanish media have also warned of Corona’s outbreak in Barcelona this week. On the other hand, a British deputy ambassador to Hungary, Coronavirus, fell victim.

The British Foreign Office confirmed the death of Steven Dick, the deputy ambassador to Hungary’s capital Budapest, saying that the aforementioned ambassador succumbed to the 19 counts of coronavirus.

The 37-year-old ambassador was stationed in Hungary from December last year, the statement said.

It is thought that in 197 countries of the world, the death toll from the corona virus has exceeded 20,000, while more than four hundred and twenty-two thousand have been infected and the virus has recovered one million 102 people so far.

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