Dell plans to bring a 2-screen folding laptop

Folding smartphones were introduced by several companies last year but now technology company ‘Dell’ is likely to offer 2-screen laptops.

The feature of this laptop will be that it will consist of 2 screens, ie a normal laptop with a keypad. The laptop will have a screen instead of a keypad.

Both laptops of this laptop will be based on 13 inches, while it will support the ‘QHD Plus’ resolution.

Both laptops will have multi-tasking screens, which means that if you want to open a laptop and read a book on it, it will act as a single display on a full screen.

On the other hand, if users want to write something on this laptop, it will act as a screen pad while the keyboard can be worked with this keyboard separately.

Currently, details of the Dell Company’s specifications regarding the laptop have not been publicly disclosed as the company is said to have just presented the concept for this laptop.

Dell’s 2-screen laptop is currently in the testing phase, which is why no date has been announced by the company regarding the launch of the laptop in the market.

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