Monday, October 2, 2023
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Data Scraper Job in Rawalpindi

The Data Scraper job is available right now. We are looking for a talented and meticulous Data Scraper to join our team at Poshnee. You will be in charge of extracting data from numerous websites and online sources utilizing specialized software and web crawling technologies as a data scraper. You will be instrumental in gathering key information for analysis of competitors, market research, business development, price analysis, and other critical insights that can improve our company’s performance.

Data Scraper Job Details

  • Job Location: Rawalpindi
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Sector: Private
  • Organization: Poshnee Tech (SMC PVT) LTD
  • Gender: Both Male and Female
  • Qualification/Experience:  Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet
  • Salary: 25,000 to 45,000 PKR monthly

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates must have experience in a similar position or as a Data Scraper is preferred.
  • He must have an understanding of methods for validating and cleaning data to assure its accuracy.
  • Advanced proficiency with spreadsheet programs (such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets) and the capacity to organize data and also know how to organize data. 
  • Candidates must have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, including the capacity to decipher and draw conclusions from complicated datasets.
  • Exceptional capacity to manage repetitious activities with efficiency and attention to detail.

Data Scraper Responsibilities:

  • Use web scraping techniques to get information from a list of websites and online resources.
  • Consider the intricacy of various websites’ data architecture as you develop and deploy successful data scraping tactics.
  • Automate the data extraction procedure using specialized software and site crawling techniques to guarantee effectiveness and accuracy.
  • To verify the integrity and dependability of the extracted data, clean and validate it.
  • For simple analysis and retrieval, organize and categorize the extracted data in Excel or spreadsheets using a structured style.
  • Regularly check data sources to guarantee the timely updating and accuracy of the information gathered.
  • Keep abreast of the most recent developments and trends in online scraping tools and methods, and proactively recommend changes to improve the data scraping procedure.

Data Scraper Job in Rawalpindi

Ability to migrate or commute:

Rawalpindi: Plan to move or commute before work starts. 

How To Apply:

Candidates who want to apply for this Data Scraper job can send their CVs or Resume to Poshnee Tech (SMC PVT) LTD.


What is the last date to apply for a Data scraper job?

The job position is active now for the Data scraper job. If anyone wants to apply he/she can send their CV at the official site of Poshnee.

What is the experience required to apply for Data scraper job?

Candidates must have experience in Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets. He must be able to organize data. 


Data scraper jobs from Poshnee Tech (SMC PVT) LTD in Rawalpindi, a leader in the data revolution, assist organizations in effectively utilizing the potential of information. These informed people are crucial to providing businesses with relevant information and helping them thrive in a society that is becoming more and more data-driven. 

As software develops, becoming a data scraper is an intriguing and exciting career path for persons who are passionate about data and its potential.


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