Dangerous bug in WhatsApp, you are also a member or administrator of a group, be careful

Multimedia Desk. WhatsApp recently came out of cases of snooping and virus intrusion and now it is reported that another new dangerous bug has come in it. This bug is attacking a user’s data and infiltrating groups associated with its WhatsApp number. It is reported that due to this, the people who are the group administrators are being affected the most because of the bug that the group administrator is under threat.

According to reports, Cyber ​​Security Researchers called Check Point have found another shortfall in WhatsApp and claimed that due to this the app could crash into all the smartphones that are connected to each other through a group. Researchers claim that this bug can force the user to reinstall WhatsApp, along with the app crashing into their phone. However, the chat history of his groups will be deleted forever.

Currently, WhatsApp allows up to 256 members to be added to a group, and sometimes these groups also contain very important information. In such a situation, it can easily hit the target of hackers. This bug creates a fake message in the group and crashes the entire group, after which all its history is deleted forever.

However, the news is that the company has released a fix regarding this bug and if you are still using the old version, then update it immediately. The company has released this update with version 2.19.58.

According to Check Point head Oded Oneunu, WhatsApp is the world’s leading communication channel and thus forcing the wrong people to delete chats in WhatsApp’s groups can be a big weapon. He further said that all WhatsApp users update the new version immediately.

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