Cow urine and cow dung are treated by Corona virus: Indian Member Assembly

Scientists from all over the world who are engaged in drug-seeking efforts to protect the corona virus are members of the ruling BJP’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has provided a unique way to prevent the disease.

“I think that cow’s urine and dung can be used to treat the corona virus,” says Summit Hari Priya, a BJP member from the Indian state of Assam.

Cows are our asset, which has been developed for a variety of ailments, including pancreatic cancer and urinary tract diseases, says Sumon Hari Priya.

The BJP MP further added that in a hospital in Gujarat, cancer patients are kept with cows, cows are dung on the patients’ bodies and they are given medicine made from cow’s urine.

It is believed that the Corona virus, which came out of Wuhan city in China last December, has spread to 84 countries of the world. The outbreak has so far killed 3,285 people and affected more than 95 thousand people in India. There have also been 29 cases of Corona virus

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