Coronavirus: The Husband Locked His Wife in the Bathroom

Fear of the Coronavirus is spreading around the world, following a fear that a man in Lithuania locked his wife in the bathroom on suspicion of a Coronavirus.

According to foreign media, the wife of a Lithuanian citizen came to visit a Chinese friend, a Chinese woman living in Lithuania had just returned from Italy.

According to the report, when the husband found out that the Coronavirus was spreading in Italy and his wife was coming back from Italy with her Chinese friend, the man locked his wife in the bathroom for fear.

The report further stated that the woman had her phone, which she called the police, the officers came and pulled her out of the bathroom. His wife does not have the Coronavirus.

The woman said that when I told my husband about meeting with a friend, he stood up and immediately called the doctor and asked how the virus could be saved, the doctor told him to immediately remove the suspected person. , At which he locked me in the bathroom.

According to the report, the woman denied legal action against her husband and said she was happy with her husband.

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