Corona virus wreaks havoc on Hollywood, threatens to sink billions of dollars

Coronavirus spreads claws like a demon all over the world. People are sitting in their homes in horror of Corona. The John Liu and deadly virus has swallowed more than 13,000 lives so far, while millions are affected by it.

That means Hollywood is deserted too. The shooting of almost all Hollywood films made by billions of trillions of budgets has stopped. 

According to the US Entertainment Industry Union IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees), the Hollywood shutdown caused by the recent shutdown caused by the Corona virus. Millions of people are jobless. 

Not only this, many of the biggest and most expensive in the entertainment sector Events have also been canceled due to the Corona virus. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood is expected to lose $ 20 billion this year due to the effects of Corona virus decisions.

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