Corona Virus: Why is a pregnant Chinese nurse causing people to provoke?

Corona Virus: A pregnant nurse treating patients from Wuhan’s hospital in the city of Corona virus outbreak in China is facing severe reactions from all over China.

The video, which was aired by state media outlet CCTV, was intended to portray nine-month-old pregnant nurse Zhao Yu as a hero.

But it did have the opposite effect and social media users criticized the hospital for allowing a pregnant nurse to work in a virus-infected environment.

One user said the woman was being used as a ‘propaganda weapon’.

The Corona virus has killed more than 2200 people in China so far, the majority of the deaths occurred in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province.

Over 75,000 cases of infection have been reported in China alone. The virus has spread worldwide, with over a thousand cases and numerous deaths.

Corona Virus Why is a pregnant Chinese nurse causing people to provoke (2)

‘ Propaganda and Show’

Official media outlet CCTV last week released a video of Zhao Yu working in the emergency ward of a military hospital in Wuhan.

The video shows that they are in the final months of pregnancy. He is wearing a hazmat suit and is doing ward rounds in the hospital. Applying rounds, he was seen inspecting a patient who was later sent to a fever-dealing department. The patient may be heard saying that they should not work because it is ‘dangerous’.

Xiao Yu acknowledged in the video that his family objected to continuing his work, but added that he hopes to continue to play a role in fighting the virus.

But the video … The purpose of paying tribute to their sacrifices has had the opposite effect on the viewers. Many have accused her of using her story as ‘propaganda’.

Another user said, ‘Can we stop all this propaganda? Who decided that this video was okay? Pregnant women should not be on the front line. ‘

One user commented ‘What is this, a show for political purposes? Don’t send a nine-month pregnant woman to do this. ‘

One person said, ‘I really think this message … Women are encouraged to fight blindly on the front, regardless of their health … It’s really bad. ‘

However, the videos coming from China are not the only videos that cause Internet users to provoke.

In another video posted this week by state media in Gansu, several female nurses can be seen shaking their heads, crying.

The video explains that these nurses are shaving their heads so that patients can have easy to wear protective gear during treatment.

But many people seem to be skeptical of this logic, asking why women can’t have short hair instead of shaving their heads. While many people have been asking why there aren’t videos of men shaving their heads?

The hashtag #SeeingFemaleWorkers was also spotted on the micro blogging website Weibo in China. The hashtag was calling on people to praise the sacrifices of women serving on the front lines.

Another user said ‘professional attitude. Confidence. loyalty. power. All these features are very proud. Women are not capable and great just because they are shaving their long hair. ‘

A comment on WeChat wrote: ‘Why does the media always use women’s sacrifices as a tool for propaganda? If these women work on the front line with their long hair or if they are not pregnant, would that be equally admirable? ‘

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