Corona virus: Visa Suspended For Passengers Arriving in UAE on 19 March 2020

The United Arab Emirates has announced a temporary suspension of visas for passengers to arrive at airports from Thursday 19 March to prevent the Corona virus from spreading.

The Embassy in London, UAE, reported the decision in a statement on Twitter.

Australian and New Zealand embassies in the UAE have separately stated that holders of residence visas in the UAE will not be affected by this order.

The UAE has taken a number of measures in recent times to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. It has closed many public and private locations, places, taverns, and hotels.

UAE-based Dubai on Tuesday instructed restaurants to suspend the sale of food and services in open areas night and day. Dubai authorities closed nine cafes in violation of the order. They continued to sell glasses despite the ban.

Dubai closed all hotels, bars, pubs, and lounges from Monday to the end of this month. It closed all theme parks, leisure venues, nightclubs, and theaters on Saturday and also at wedding events and concerts. Was banned by the end of March.

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