Corona Virus: Umrah Stopped in Mecca

Saudi Arabia has temporarily halted the Umrah in Mecca. According to the Saudi News Agency, the ruling is for both Saudi nationals and foreigners in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi Press Agency PSA, the decision is part of the Saudi government’s precautionary measures aimed at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.

The temporary ban on the payment of Umrah comes a week after the Riyadh government’s decision to ban Saudi Arabia from paying for Umrah payments from other countries. According to the order issued on February 27, people in Saudi Arabia were, however, allowed to perform Umrah and go to the mosque. After this announcement, the number of Umrah had already decreased significantly.

Every year, millions of Muslims from all over the world travel to Saudi Arabia, aiming to visit the Umrah in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Especially during the month of Ramadan, the number of travelers for this purpose increases significantly. In addition, millions of people from all over the world travel to Mecca for Hajj.

On the other hand, the major cities of Iran have also decided not to hold Friday prayer gatherings. So far, the number of corona virus-infected people has reached 3,000 in Iran, while the number of deaths due to the disease, Covd 19, has been reported at 92. However, there are concerns that the actual death toll in Iran is far higher than the official figures.

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