Corona virus: spreads to 195 countries, killing 16,553 people

ISLAMABAD: The deadly outbreak of the deadly corona virus has spread to 195 countries, killing 16,553 people.

The death toll of the Corona virus, a global epidemic, is increasing with each passing day. According to statistics so far I have infected more than 300,000 people with Corona virus.

According to data from the Worldometer, the number of people who have been defeated by the corona virus has also increased to 1,242,000.

The Corona virus originated from China, but China has now largely overcome this deadly virus, but now Italy is the most affected by the deadly disease, where the death toll has reached 6077, while 3277 in China, 2311 in Spain. , 582 in the United States, 1812 in Iran, 123 in Germany and 860 in France.

120 people have lost their lives in South Korea, 120 in Switzerland, 335 in the UK, 213 in the Netherlands, 21 in Austria, 88 in Norway, 10 in Norway, 27 in Sweden and 24 in Denmark.

According to the international media, the death toll was 24 in Canada, 23 in Portugal, 14 in Malaysia, 34 in Brazil, 7 in Australia, 42 in Japan, 37 in Israel, six in Ireland, eight in Poland and 17 in Greece. Have been

The coronary virus has so far caused 6 outbreaks in Pakistan, 49 in Indonesia, two in Singapore, 10 in India, five in Peru, two in Bahrain, 33 in the Philippines, one in Egypt, 19 in Hong Kong and four in Hong Kong. Have been killed.

Corona: The number of victims in Pakistan has increased to 875

Four in Lebanon, 23 in Iraq, one in Croatia, 4 in Mexico, 3 in Bulgaria, 4 in Argentina, two in Taiwan, two in the United Arab Emirates, 17 in Hungary, seven in Tunisia and three in U.K. Three people have called Daiya Ajl a Liebak.

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