Corona Virus Positive, Nurse Suicide

Corona Virus Positive, Nurse Suicide

An intensive care ward nurse in the Italian hospital committed suicide on a positive coronavirus test.

According to the British media, 34-year-old Italian nurse Danielia Trezzi had a positive reaction to the Corona test that led to the transfer of the Corona virus to several people, which ended her life.

The Italian nurse was performing duties in the intensive care ward of the hospital in Lombardy, the worst-affected area, and was quarantined after showing signs of a corona virus.

Italy’s National Federation of Nurses confirms Danielia’s death says doctors, nurses and other medical staff in Italy are under extreme pressure due to an unprecedented number of coronavirus patients and inadequate medical facilities to cope with the outbreak.

The situation in Italy is worse than in China. Coronavirus in Italy killed 743 more people, followed by Coronas with 6,820 cases and Corona reported 5,249 cases.

It is thought that in 197 countries of the world, the death toll from the corona virus has exceeded 20,000, while more than four hundred and twenty-two thousand have been infected and the virus has recovered one million 102 people so far.

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