Corona Virus: Mosques Banned in London, Prayer Gatherings Banned

The UK is also affected by the coronavirus that engulfs the globe.The coronavirus killed 33 more people in the UK, followed by the total number of casualties, 133 and 2,692 people.

All the mosques in London which have been most affected by the coronavirus have been closed, while prayer gatherings, five-time prayers and madrassas have been closed.

In this regard, the mosque committee said that funeral prayers would also be held at the funeral hall instead of mosques, while more than 3 people could not attend the marriage ceremony.The committee has appealed publicly for arrangements made with the Corona virus.

On the other hand, all schools across the UK have been closed for Friday, indefinitely, in view of the coronavirus.Twenty thousand troops have been standby to help curb the spread of coronavirus, while Transport for London announced today the closure of 40 underground stations and reduced bus numbers.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain may take up to 3 months to fully resolve the issue.Boris Johnson urged the public to strictly follow preventive measures and guidelines.

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