Corona virus: Emergency in 13 cities, millions in Chinese quarantine

Public transport was banned in three more cities on Friday, January 24th, to prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus in China. The government has urged at least forty million people in the affected cities to stay in their homes for fourteen days. All these cities are located in the central Chinese province of Hubei, where new cases of the Corona virus first emerged.

The deadly virus is similar to the SARS virus, and so far at least 800 people have been infected in China. At least twenty-six of them have also been killed. The virus first appeared in the provincial capital of Wuhan. The city also has a large fish market and officials say the deadly virus spreads from there. In 2001, at least 600 people were killed due to the SARS virus.

The Chinese government has practically implemented quarantine in 13 major cities to control the spread of the virus. Neither a bus, train, or boat can go into or out of these cities. The virus comes at a time when traditional New Year holidays are in China and millions of people have gone to visit their families to celebrate the New Year. That is why the Chinese government had also announced the cancellation of the festival. It is still feared that the virus could infect millions.

In Shanghai, Durney Land Park has been closed indefinitely while the Chinese government has blocked parts of China for tourists. The World Health Organization (WHO) has imposed the Corona virus emergency in China, but the organization has not yet declared the virus a global outbreak.

So far the virus has been reported in China only, but patients infected with the virus have been diagnosed in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. Medical authorities appear to have been infected with the same virus in the UK.

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