Corona virus! Daily medicines become 40% costlier in India

The impact of coronavirus spreading in China is being seen in many everyday things in India. Most medicines and mobiles are manufactured in China. In this case, India imports 80 percent of the raw material of medicine from China. India is the third drug manufacturer in the world. Due to the threat of Coronavirus, the crisis has arisen in front of the pharmaceutical industry in India.

According to a recent report, the most commonly used paracetamol in China has risen by 40 percent in India due to Corona’s havoc. In addition, the rates of anti-antibiotic, azithromycin used to treat many bacterial infections, have increased by up to 70 percent. If Corona cannot be controlled, then from April the pharma industry may face a shortage of medicine.

So far, 1,800 deaths have been reported in China, while 70,000 people have been found infected with this virus. The threat of corona from Wuhan city has spread to 29 countries of the world. In such a situation, there is a crisis in front of many countries of the world along with China. The World Health Organization had already declared an emergency. 

According to health officials, preventing coronavirus has become a big challenge in front of the big world. Several cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in 22 countries outside China. These include Japan, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Thailand, India, and South Korea.

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