Corona virus confirmed among 143 people in Sindh

KARACHI (Daily Pakistan Online) Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab said today that corona virus has been confirmed in 143 people, bringing the number of corona cases to 183 in Sindh.

Spokesman Sindh Government Murtaza Wahab said at a press conference that 143 people have been confirmed corona virus, which has increased the number of corona cases in Sindh to 183 while two patients were discharged from the hospital after recovery.

Spokesperson Sindh Government said that 9 more people in Sukkur quarantine had confirmed the corona virus, adding that 50% of the people who came from Tifton had received positive tests. , Corona virus test came out positive in 143 visitors while 147 visitors Corona test came out negative.

He said that the corona virus needs to be united rather than politicized. A total of 844 tests were conducted in Sindh, 38 cases in different areas of Sindh and 143 cases in Sukkur; 36 patients are undergoing isolation. is better

He said that tests were being carried out in 3 hospitals in Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh decided to take more kits. Of the kits given by the federal government, 100 kits were donated to the Dionisity Ojha campus, 100 to the federal government kits were given to Aga Khan Hospital.

Murtaza Wahab said that the Chief Minister Sindh has sought kits for dealing with coronavirus. The provincial government has the capacity of 10 thousand test. He said that Sindh government has made important decisions related to coronavirus. Some part was kept for the funds, we opened the accounts for the funds, the funds will be used with transparency.

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