Corona Virus: Air India flight from China carrying 324 Indians reached New Delhi

People coming to India by Air India special aircraft will be taken from IGI Airport to Chawla in Delhi and Manesar in Haryana. They will be kept in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police building and the Indian Arm Force Medical Services building.

  • Center made at Delhi airport for screening for returned passengers
  • Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital team of 5 doctors was on the plane

Air India’s double-decker Jumbo 747 aircraft has reached India with the Indians stranded in Wuhan, China, amid the panic of Coronavirus. A Boeing B-747 special aircraft with a capacity of 423 passengers took off from Wuhan, China late Friday. A team of 5 doctors from Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital was also present in this aircraft.

Apart from this, there was also a Para Medical Staff in the aircraft, which had essential medicines, masks, overcoats and packed food. Apart from this, a team of engineers and security officers were also present in this flight. The aircraft reached New Delhi after 7 am on Saturday morning.

All these people brought from China have been taken to the Cantonment Camp of ITPB, where all will be kept in a separate medical observation for 14 days. There are 211 students out of a total of 324 people, while 110 people are working. Apart from these, there are 3 minors.

Let us know that Hubei province of China is believed to be the main center of the corona virus, whose capital is Wuhan. According to the information, about 700 Indians live here. Most of these people are medical students and research scholars who are studying here.

According to the news agency PTI, many Indians have already come to India due to Chinese New Year or spring festival holidays. Explain that the local airport was closed for all air transport but in the last two days it has been reopened for the aircraft of different countries so that the respective countries can airlift their citizens from here.

Passengers will stop in Delhi and Haryana

The Government of India has arranged for about 600 students from China and other Indians to stay in Delhi’s Cantonment and Manesar Camps in Haryana. At present, 324 Indians have returned from China on Saturday morning by Air India special aircraft. The Government of India has decided to keep the remaining Indian citizens separate for at least 2 weeks. Under this decision, all Indians returning from China will be kept in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police building and the Indian Arm Force Medical Services building.

According to the news agency ANI, a screening camp has been made for screening passengers at the airport. Where travelers returning from China will be screened. After screening, they will be kept in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police building and the Indian Arm Force Medical Services building.

The most frequent infection of the corona virus is spread in Wuhan province of China. This infection of the corona virus from Wuhan has now spread to 30 different states of China. After mutual talks between the governments of China and India, now all these students and other citizens have returned home. All Indians coming from China will be thoroughly examined before being taken to temporary camps set up in Delhi and Haryana, including thermal screening.

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A senior health ministry official said, “Around 366 Indian nationals coming from China will be stationed at the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) at the Chawla Camp in outer Delhi and at Manesar in Haryana. All these Indians are returning from Wuhan province of China. Arrangements have been made to keep students and other Indians coming from Wuhan province of China for 2 weeks. During this time all these people from China will not meet any other person including their family.

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According to experts, this is being done so that if any virus of infection is present in the body of any Indian citizen from China, then during these 2 weeks, the virus can be identified, prevented and treated.

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