Corona Virus: 10 Thousand in Italy, 29 thousand 908 killed Worldwide

Corona virus deaths worldwide exceed 29,900, on March 28, 2567 people lost their lives in a single day, more than 100,000 people in the United States and more than 645,000 worldwide. Of the more than 4,772 patients in hospitals, more than 24,500 are in critical condition, Italy is second with more than 92 thousand patients.

According to a website that records the Corona virus patients and deaths, the number of people infected with the most deadly disease from the Chinese city of Wuhan increased to 6,455,000, of which 393,000 patients were cured. While more than 4,772 victims are still being treated in hospitals, about 5 percent of about 24,500 patients are in critical condition, with 82.8 deaths and 3.8 deaths in every one million worldwide.

The death toll from the Corona virus worldwide is increasing daily, with a further 2567 deaths recorded on Saturday (March 28, 2020), with deaths rising rapidly in Europe, where more than 2050 people still suffer today. More than 23,000 new cases have been reported.

According to Pakistani time today (till 11 pm), most 889 people in Italy have died from the Corona virus, 674 in Spain, 260 in the UK, 239 in the US, 139 in Iran, the Netherlands 93, Belgium 64 and Germany. I lost 52 patients.

The first fatality was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan on January 22 this year, since then the disease has spread in almost 200 countries worldwide, the most so far 10 thousand 23 in Italy, 5812 in Spain, 3295 in China And 2517 deaths have been reported in Iran, 639 people have been killed in the US 1935, France 1995, Britain 1019 and the Netherlands.

On Saturday, 24 people died in Portugal, 16 in Turkey, 15 in Indonesia, Philippines 14, Denmark 13, Switzerland 11 and 10 in Austria.

The situation is improving in China where only 3 deaths and 54 new cases have been reported today, four in the Dominican Republic 8, Ecuador 7, Romania, Greece, Mexico and Argentina, 3 in Luxembourg, Algeria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Congo, Finland, Serbia, Croatia, Iraq, Burkina Faso, and Albania, two in Norwegia, Austria, Brazil, Malaysia, Chile, Poland, Pakistan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, northern Macedonia, Azerbaijan. In Ghana, Ghana, Brunei, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Guadi Loop, one person was killed by the Coronavirus.

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus in Pakistan has exceeded 1500, so far 11 people have lost their lives, more than 25 have recovered. There are still thousands of suspected patients at Quarantina and Isolation Centers across the country, most of the visitors from Iran.

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