Corona outbreak proves that after defense – Siraj-ul-Haq tells the government address

Lahore: Ameer-e-Islami Pakistan Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the Corona outbreak has proved that we need the most attention to health security after the defense, the government stands on the red line and now There is no room for error, it is good that the government takes serious consultation with the political parties and a unanimous statement is made with national consensus, we do not criticize the government and want to reform it but the rulers are still not in love with their own people. Could have been foretold in regard to the outbreak, but it was well known for its No arrangements have been made for this, be it natural outbreaks or biological warfare, our health system should be prevented at all levels, led by ad administration, our health system has failed miserably, a few hundred government officials. Not able to deal with such a disaster, the government works on the front line

He expressed these views while addressing the workers after reviewing the supply of food for the day laborers on the occasion of repentance. Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Lahore, Dr. Zakrullah Mujahid and Mian Muhammad Saeed were also present. “Right now, there is a need to set up a field hospital in every district, where five cases are reported and the entire area should be sealed and screened by the people there. We are in dire need of epidemiologists, we have health,” he said. There is no public structure, there should be at least five hundred specialists who can cover the area of ​​infection. He said that 130 aircraft and helicopters should be kept alert and alert, where reports of the outbreak of the virus should be delivered to 95 N masks immediately, surgical mask is not enough, 70 percent to the private health sector as well. Be part of the government system and the war front

Senator Siraj-ul-Haq appealed to the public to make their Qur’an time at home during the lockdown as ‘Qur’an time’, along with their families, at least read one passage daily, taking precautionary measures as well as pleasing Allah. The best way to do this is by reciting the Holy Quran and bowing to Allah in praise, and following the path that Almighty has told us to overcome the displeasure of Allah, we can avoid it. Corona kills humans, destroys the global economy and fails science and technology, caution and caution It is Sunni, people should follow government orders and instructions, government should ensure prompt supply of coffin letters to government and government hospitals, open cheap mask, sanitizer and soap; Processing of food announcements package

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