Corona Lockdown, Government Gives Good News to Domestic Violence Victims

Islamabad: The global pandemic has been locked down in several countries around the world to prevent the Corona virus.

Which has led to increased domestic violence in France, followed by France and Australia. People have been told the good news that it will be difficult for anyone in Pakistan to believe. 

Private TV says the worldwide lockdown caused by the Corona virus is threatening jobs for people around the world and facing financial problems that have led to urban pressure. The reason is that domestic violence cases against women and children have witnessed a rapid rise.

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In view of this situation, a helpline has been introduced by the Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights wherever any kind Victims of violence can complain. The Human Rights Ministry said in a tweet that “many women and children are facing domestic violence due to lockdown and quarantine; our helpline is ready to help you”. ۔

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