Corona 5,840 Killed Worldwide, Scientists Get Antibodies to Virus

New York: Corona virus engulfs 152 countries; death toll rises to 5,840 worldwide, France and Spain have been hit hard after Italy, the World Health Organization Ten thousand cases have been reported outside China in 24 hours.

Dangerous virus is spreading throughout Europe, with Italy having the highest number of casualties since China. Emergency measures are being carried out in various European countries. Business centers and restaurants have been closed in France and Spain, with authorities barring people from buying essential goods and leaving their homes.

Rush to stores in Europe, fights have occurred everywhere, people in Britain, Spain, France, Poland face shortages of goods, streets and roads in Italy are deserted. White House President Trump The report confirmed the negative, Washington’s leading museum was closed, the US imposed travel restrictions on Britain and Ireland.

97 more people have died in Iran, 103 have been infected with the virus in Saudi Arabia. Ten people were killed in a single day in Britain, 175 died in Italy, 91 died in France, 63 died in Spain.

Colombia expels four European tourists for breaching quarantine rules, Dutch scientists have found antibodies to fight the Corona virus, it may take more time to test humans. Scientists will convince a pharmaceutical company to prepare for medicine.

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