Cook’s $ 125 million salary for fiscal 2019

Technology News on January 4, according to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s total revenue in the company’s fiscal 2019 was 125 million US dollars, which was slightly lower than the previous year, in part because The bonus is reduced.

Apple Corp. said in a filing on Friday that Cook had received an annual salary of $ 3 million, a $ 7.7 million bonus, and a $ 884,466 allowance and other compensation in recent times. In addition, Cook also holds $ 113.5 million worth of Apple stock options.

This puts Cook’s total compensation in fiscal 2019 at $ 125 million, down from $ 136 million a year ago. In fiscal year 2018, Cook received a $ 12 million bonus, which was at the time Cook’s largest bonus to date. Because sales and operating income have not reached their goals, the bonuses Apple has given to Cook have shrunk in recent times. However, Apple’s stock price rose 89% in 2019.

Cook's $ 125 million salary for fiscal 2019

Picture: Cook’s awards over the years

Apple’s filings show that Cook holds nearly $ 400 million worth of Apple stock that has not yet expired. In 2011, Cook took over as CEO from co-founder Steve Jobs and won most of the stock with an equity award.

Chief executive officer of other Apple executives, including chief operating officer Jeff Williams, chief financial officer Luca Maestri, and general counsel Kate Adams Pay has also fallen. All three executives’ bonuses have been reduced from $ 4 million to $ 2.6 million for the same reason as Cook.

Apple Corps stated in its filings that in 2019, Apple spent $ 457,083 on Cook security and spent another $ 315,311 on personal air travel expenses.

Cook last week donated $ 2 million worth of Apple stock to an undisclosed charity and said he plans to donate most of his property before his death. 

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