Construction of a fertilizer factory started from the dead bodies

 An American company began construction of a factory in Seattle, Washington, to replace dead human bodies under regular licenses and turn them into fertilizers and other useful substances.

It should be noted that the process of converting dead animals and waste into fertilizers and other organic substances is called “composting” in scientific language. Hundreds of animal, plant and waste composting factories are currently operating around the world, while electricity can be generated from the heat emitted during composting.

In the world, people who usually die are either buried in the earth or their bodies are burned and made into ashes. However, it is also true that the human body, like any other organism, is full of useful substances that, if incorporated into the soil, can increase the fertility of the earth, while doing standard fertilizer work. However, the law was not allowed to do so until now.

Established as “Recompose”, the company also calls itself the “first human composting manufacturer” in the world because until now no company for human composting was doing it legally and legally. ۔

By the way, the company was founded years ago, but it has been allowed to operate in the US state of Washington after a recent law passed. Under this law, human composting is legalized in the state of Washington.

Recompose has developed its “Human Compost Facility” design, which shows that human bodies will be buried in “humid” boxes of specific humidity and temperature where the entire human body is only 30 days old. Will completely decompose within; and instead there will be fertile soil that contains fertilizers and other organic matter (organic materials) created by the dissolution of the human body.

Recompose says that this method of destroying human bodies is the most environmentally friendly, while the relatives of the deceased will be satisfied that their deceased loved one’s body was not destroyed but was used in some useful work.

Currently, only 3D images and maps of this first human composting factory have been made by an architect named Olson Kundog. The original manufacturer will be manufactured in the same compatibility. Where more than 100 bodies will be composted at a time.

However, not all of this will be free of charge, but each body will be charged $ 5500 for composting.

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