College students reject jobs with an annual salary of 3 million! because the choose to go to Huawei

Today, the topic of “2 million annual salaries immediately after graduation” rushed into the hot search! What is this “great god”?

Reject 3 million annual salaries, choose to go to Huawei

Zuo Pengfei, born in 1992, is a 14th-level graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He studied computer science and technology at Wuhan Optoelectronics National Research Center at the doctoral level.

In September, Huawei sent an offer to Zuo Pengfei, and recently officially signed the contract. Zuo Pengfei will get a position with an annual salary of 2.01 million yuan.

When asked how he felt when he got the job offer, he stated that he felt calmer and felt it was a natural thing.

Zuo Pengfei Source: Wuhan Optoelectronics National Research Center

He introduced that he had submitted four resumes in total, Huawei, Tencent, Ali, and Shenfu. All four companies had thrown olive branches at him, and the salary was also considerable. One of them has issued an annual salary of nearly 3 million yuan. Revenue is 40% higher than Huawei.

After considering factors such as job matching and industry reputation, Zuo Pengfei chose to join Huawei Cloud’s storage pre-research department. He specifically mentioned that Huawei can meet some of my other requirements, such as maintaining contact with the academic community.

“Huawei provides positions that are very in line with the research direction I want to do. In addition, Huawei has many experienced technical experts. When I go there, I will have a lot of learning opportunities and I can further improve myself.”

One year ago, Huawei was “stared” on before graduation.

“Last year, they contacted me before I graduated.” Zuo Pengfei said that because of his outstanding performance at school, Huawei “stared” at him early.

In August of this year, Zuo Pengfei conducted a Huawei online interview. Due to the excellent performance of the interview, he was recommended to Huawei’s “Genius Boys” project and accepted an interview with Huawei’s CTO.

“Genius Boy” is a project initiated by Huawei to attract top talents with top challenges and top pay. In July of this year, Zhongke, an alumnus of Huake, was selected into the first batch of “talented teenagers” with a proud ranking. At the time, the project employed only 8 people nationwide.

“The content of my work is to make technological innovations and breakthroughs in the storage pre-research department of Huawei Cloud.” Zuo Pengfei said.

How good is it during school? Netizens: Unable to reach

During his PhD, Zuo Pengfei published more than 10 high-level papers as the first author. Among them, two papers published as the first author on OSDI’2018 and MICRO’2018 have refreshed the relevant research of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Zero record of top conferences in the field.

OSDI is one of the top academic conferences on computer operating systems, and MICRO is one of the top academic conferences on computer architecture. Papers have been accepted by these two conferences, and their gold content is even higher than some of the top scientific journals in the scientific community. The difficulty is equivalent to biology and medicine. Published in Nature / Science / Cell.

Knowing the previous user description: It is the dream object of countless researchers in the field of systems, which is beyond reach.

Denying I am a genius: I spend all my time playing games in the lab

Regarding what is a genius, Zuo Pengfei’s answer is like a modern version of Lu Xun: Where is a genius? I used the time of others playing games in the laboratory.

His daily schedule is like this. He wakes up at 8 am, is in the laboratory before 8:30, learns to eat lunch at 11:30, and enters the laboratory from 2 to 5:30. After dinner, 6 at night. I was in the laboratory between 30:30 and 9:30, and sometimes stayed more than 10:00 before going back to the bedroom to sleep. 7 days a week, almost every day for 5 years.

When many students are in deep procrastination, Zuo Pengfei is a very self-disciplined person. He is good at time management, sets deadlines for different things, and makes short-term planning, such as one month, half a year, one month. year.

“The secret is to be fully self-disciplined, to complete everything on time, and to make this concept of time a habit, naturally there is no inertia. At the same time, I will ensure adequate sleep so that I can work efficiently.” Zuo Pengfei Share tips for staying away from procrastination.

Ideal: to promote the development of computer industry technology in our country and the world

Zuo Pengfei set himself a goal: “When he graduates with a PhD, he must be very, very outstanding compared to his peers.” Since then, he has devoted himself to scientific research like a person. “A high-level PhD graduate needs to be a leading expert in the field. Everyone who mentions this field will think of your name.”

Zuo Pengfei continued to drive himself in this way, and gradually found fun in research: “Just like some people like to play the piano and some people like to sing, doing scientific research is my passion and my lifelong career.” Every new idea New discoveries excite him, never feeling slack.

He said: My ideal is to be able to make more technological innovations and breakthroughs in the business world, to promote the development of the computer industry technology in our country and even the world. I target some Turing Award masters and hope that my technology can serve the society. Benefit the broad masses and feel the power of technological development

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